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Geschrieben von MASTER OF PUPPETS am 03.01.2007 um 11:36:


American English ist funnier than British English. lautes Lachen

British English is just... I don't know....
If you have been to England and not to America you like the English way to speak their language (that sounds strange lautes Lachen ), but when you have been to America later you dislike the English way (Complicated Rofl! , I know). It just happens and you can't do anything against it. Augenzwinkern

USA RULEZ, except Chicago Rofl! (There are criminals wherever you go) lautes Lachen

Geschrieben von Anika(n) am 29.01.2007 um 16:11:


can´t understand all of you
the american english sounds sooo silly!!!

Geschrieben von Against All Authority am 28.02.2007 um 21:06:


USA RULEZ, except Chicago (There are criminals wherever you go)

Nooo! Shame on you!

My friend's been to Chicago and what he told me sounded as if he were willing to stay there for good!

Well, crime is a known problem in the USA, but Chicaco is not the only state facing it...

[edit]Think about it one more time dude.

Geschrieben von Charming-Sister am 09.11.2007 um 19:52:


I like the american english more and i always use the american english when i write or talk (prononciation). american english is easier. in school we had to learn british english and in america i learned american english. the british english is more formal than the american english. in america they often use slang and they express themself in a whole different way.

Original von *gilmore girl*

Well, I think you can't say that we learn british english at school because we are allowed to speak and write both......and I don't want this test tomorrow*cg*

greetz Augenzwinkern

you are allowed to use the british and the american english at the same time?? wow your lucky. we have to use either the british or the american englsih. we are not alloewd to use both at the same time when we are writing a test for example.

Geschrieben von Phebe am 08.08.2008 um 17:11:


im a big England Fan so I love the british Accent..


Geschrieben von Beren Míriel am 23.01.2009 um 23:48:


@ phebe: agree

I've always been a great England-Fan, so I prefer the British English, which is spoken in almost every country I like exept China xD Fortunately the British Empire has been the biggest one in the world, so the British English is spoken in Australia, England (lol) and New Zealand..... <3

Geschrieben von Akssan am 24.01.2009 um 00:02:


@ Beren Míriel: British English in Australia?? Wtf?! lautes Lachen British English and Australian English is like apples and pears [BirnenAugenzwinkern ]

Honestly, i prefer the School English! And School English is based on British English, so my vote goes to British English. American English, hm, i don´t like it, because i don´t like the cocky Americans?!Augenzwinkern

Geschrieben von Beren Míriel am 24.01.2009 um 12:31:


Well, the British English is connected to the Australian English.... of course there are differences, but it's more similar than AE and BE... I was in Australia for 2 weeks in the summer holidays, and i had the contrast between AE, BE and australian english, because i talked to peole from those countries Augenzwinkern and in my opinion it's possible to make a comparison between BE and AustE, but AE is totaly different

Geschrieben von Annie am 24.01.2009 um 18:35:


There are so many different accents in Britain - I love ´em all !
I´m not a big fan of American Englisch , because often it´s hard to understand .
I also love Britain and its culture and so this point goes to Britain Augenzwinkern

Geschrieben von Charlotte am 04.03.2009 um 19:27:


my point goes to britain, too. i love england!! the culture, the people, even the bad weather! I've spent two weeks in in Bournemouth, Dorset last year and it was great. I wish I could have stayed longer. Maybe I will study there one day. That would be great!!!

Geschrieben von duffy am 07.04.2009 um 20:09:


It's fun to talk American English, but I definetely prefer the British pronounciation of words Baby

Geschrieben von Fabunoptu am 11.04.2009 um 16:07:


I'm absolutely annoyed of the English English! Some pop singers are singing with this accent at the moment and I just can't stand it.
Scottish English goes okay though.
So I prefer American English if spoken correctly and some slang, too, because I like the laconic way to speak. Nevertheless the Texan pronounciation is just way to much, more brabbling then speaking.

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